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In today's highly competitive marketplace, people are your most valuable business asset and recruitment success is intrinsically linked to business success.

We specialise in forming long term partnerships with both clients and candidates to ensure the successful selection and placement of the most suitable candidates that the market has to offer. It could be an individual who will take your business to the next level, a graduate with fresh ideas and enthusiasm, an expert team to deliver your project or a consultant who can offer expertise not available in-house. Short term, long term or permanent; whatever your business requires, we deliver.

As a company we have grown by constantly innovating in all business areas. This growth has taken the form of incremental, disruptive, product and radical innovation. Our clients and candidates receive a cutting edge service that is constantly improving, ensuring expectations are met and exceeded on a daily basis.

We are very proud that we buck the trend when it comes to our in-house employees. Retaining the most talented and dedicated recruitment and support teams in the industry.

When working with Wolviston you work with the best! Client’s don’t need to form new relationships with different recruitment consultants every few months, candidates won’t need to reiterate what their skills and career aspirations are; we get to know all parties personally and provide a holistic approach to recruitment. This doesn’t just focus on matching an individual’s skills to a job spec, but also aligns personality and goals to a company’s culture and future plans. This level of service can only be achieved with in-house long service and personal development.

Experienced and

Established in 1981, Wolviston Management Services are market leaders in the recruitment industry. We are experienced in successfully sourcing all disciplines of candidates into opportunities for a wide portfolio of clients.

We don’t simply align CVs to open positions; we listen to our clients and our candidates, to ensure the perfect match.

Due to the nature of the industries that we contract with, many candidates work with us for a major part of their career, which often spans 10 - 20+ years. This retention rate has resulted in 98% of candidates fully completing their assignment as they trust that we will work with them to ensure continuity of employment. The added value of these long term relationships is that we know the candidates skills and abilities and can provide in depth details into the candidate, rather than just a CV with references.


The recruitment industry is a highly regulated industry which, since our inception in 1981, has seen numerous legislative changes in recruitment, contract and employment law. Our clients, who also work in highly regulated industries, rely on us to keep them informed of potential future changes that will impact our service, their business and projects. They tell us that, as true partners and professionals, not only are we always the first to inform them of future changes, we minimise the impact on their business, implement changes professionally, compliantly and with the minimum of disruption and cost to their business.

Enviable Talent Communities

Wolviston Management Services have been engaging and nurturing our talent community since 1981. Our focus is on reaching, engaging, developing and more importantly, retaining candidates. Over many years we have built trusted relationships within our specialist recruitment areas.

Our knowledge and understanding of the disciplines in which we recruit is extensive.

Simply put, we know the best people.

A Tailored Approach

With an experienced team of recruitment experts, we provide our clients and candidates with exceptional service levels and an innate ability to achieve their business and personal objectives.

That’s why our clients plan their business growth strategies in line with our effective, personalised recruitment service for up-to-date industry insights and advanced candidate engagement.

Our Family The Wolviston Group

We support our clients’ needs through a range of project, engineering and recruitment services that help them to grow and succeed.

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